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Owner Dude / Washed Up BMXer

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Designer / Funny Guy

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Gatekeeper / Customer Service / Chicken Tender

Mike Gutierrez   Master Printer / Drums / Heavier Metal


Master Printer / Drums / Heavier Metal

Jay Ramsey   Master Printer / Drums / Heavy Metal


Master Printer / Drums / Heavy Metal

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Shop Dog / Spirit Animal

Meet the family

John Powell, founder with over 20 years of experience.

Michael Scheel is multi-talented and artistically gifted with 15 years of design experience, and has been a part of Print This since the beginning. He has helped shape and mold who we are.

Holly Duggins is the newest addition to the team, and we’re lucky to have her! She’s got an unrivaled attention to detail and brings her “A” Game every single day (when she’s not being detained at the border).

With over 15 years of experience, Mike Gutierrez is a committed, talented, master printer with high standards, a great work ethic, and a devoted family man.

Jay Ramsey, the yin to our yang and wish we could have discovered him years ago. He is a talented artist and master printer with over 20 years experience who also brings solutions to the table as well as a healthy amount of organization.

Murphy is a good dog.


With a lifelong background in art followed by a fine arts degree from Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, my passion for screen printing came from the moment I printed my first t-shirt in college.

I knew at that moment I was on to something special and a path that I could passionately follow for life. Thank you Dr. Nielsen for noticing the drive and passion I had, and for encouraging me to focus on screen printing shirts. After graduation, I was blessed with the opportunity to work for and help further build a re-vamped / re-named existing local business where I spent 10 years learning the trades of screen printing, embroidery, digitizing, graphic design and customer service.  

Fast forward in time to when our son Mason was born in May of 2006. With God and my wife urging me, it became obvious it was time to take a step out in faith. A step out of complacency and into the unknown that was definitely met with a bit of fear.

Print This was birthed in our “family built” backyard shed, and then a formally established store front in the summer of 2008.  We've had many great and talented people come work with us over the years, but ultimately, we are blessed with some of the greatest friends and talent I know. Together, we have set out to break the mold of your ordinary print shop by creating an atmosphere that is friendly, creative, inspiring, and fun.

Together we are honing our skills and investing heavily into our equipment, tools, and resources so we can better serve our clients and help them stand apart from their competition. In addition to shirts, hats, posters, signage, decals, and promotional items, we are a marketing agency. We offer logo design and branding, website design, and out of the box solutions. We are here to help and we want our clients to trust us to deliver the right products to make them look great and stand out!  Our standards are very high and they only continue to get higher.  

Come visit us and see for yourself!