Why Print with Us?

We realize that there are numerous options out there for custom decorated apparel and marketing material. However, there are far too many “Your Logo Here” printers out there. When it comes to sourcing a printer you need to find a partner who is capable and interested in putting thought into showcasing your brand in a way that is unique and sets you apart from your competition.

We love to pair our creativity with your needs and goals and are dedicated to finding the right product and process for the client / job / budget. We are passionate about the gifts and talents that have been given to us and we strive to utilize them to explore and find creative solutions to showcasing your brand. Image and impression is key. Let’s get started today!

Michael Scheel
Welcome to the new site!!
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New year, new website! Welcome to the 4th evolution of the official Print This page. We've been working hard to rebuild everything from the ground up, and are excited for your feedback! 

We're still working on fine-tuning everything, so If you notice any errors, please let us know!

Michael Scheel