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Art Submission Tips

Raster vs. Vector Art

Digital art files are saved in one of two categories, known as Vector, and Raster. Most of the images you see on the internet are Raster files, and usually end in .JPG, .GIF, or .PNG. When you zoom in on a Raster image, you can see individual pixels and image quality will be distorted. For this reason, working from a raster image may require additional art time to optimize your artwork.


All copy or other materials submitted for production to Print This, LLC will be accepted as fully compliant with all applicable laws regarding trademark, service mark, copyright, right of privacy or patent. We reserve the right to require a release for any logos, taglines, etc that we deem require a more formal assent.

Printing Photography

Printing photographs is possible through CMYK Process printing. Any time you can provide us with the original photograph to scan directly, we can usually get a much better quality final print. Also keep in mind that if you want to print a full color image on any colored shirt besides white, we need to also include a base-coat of white ink before we print the full image.

Samples / Press Checks

Before we move forward with printing your order, we will send you a digital proof to review for accuracy. Occasionally, we are asked to provide a printed sample, but to do so would typically be extremely expensive, as our pricing structure benefits orders of at least 12 pieces. As a compromise, if you're uneasy about the print and wish to schedule a press check, we can work with you to schedule a time for you to drop by our shop in Zorn to review every detail before we move forward. Of course, if your order is needed quickly, we cannot begin without your approval, so please be aware of your deadline.

File Management

We strongly prefer Vector format, which would be a file ending in .AI, .EPS, .SVG, or .PDF. If your design includes any wording, please expand all text to paths, or include the Font file, ending in .TTF or .OTF with your art submission.We use Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, but there are free resources online if you’d like to create your own artwork. Please note any artwork submitted in Corel Draw, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, or Excel (it’s happened…) must be converted to a .PDF file before we can open it. Here’s another free resource to convert documents into a .PDF convert documents into .PDF files.

Camera Ready Art

When you provide us with everything vector artwork, and we don’t need to clean up or re-draw any elements of your artwork, congratulations, you’ve got Camera Ready artwork. There is no art fee when you provide Camera Ready files, so it’s a great way to lower your overhead. Here’s what we’re looking for: - vector file .AI, .EPS, .SVG, or .PDF - all fonts expanded to paths - all strokes expanded to solid shapes - where possible, separate each color to a different layer

Sponsor Logos

Frequently, projects require the addition of sponsor logos into the design. It’s a top priority to ensure you and your sponsors look as crisp as possible. When possible,  sponsor supplies a Vector format AI, .EPS, .SVG, or .PDF file. An image taken directly from the internet or phone screenshot may appear blurry on the shirt. And if nothing else, we can recreate their logo as accurately as possible, pending access to any special fonts used, at an additional art fee.

Custom Artwork

Do you have an idea, but need just help creating the visuals? The majority of our staff has Fine Arts Degrees, so you’re in good hands. We would love to sit down in person, or talk over the phone to hear more about your idea!

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