Become a contractor

We offer contract printing services for partners in the decorated apparel, marketing and promotional products industry who need to outsource screen print production. Our aggressively discounted pricing for those qualified clients leaves plenty of margin for a profitable mark-up.

Contract orders are “turn-key” meaning the client is responsible for supplying all purchase order info including garment style / color / size breakdown, production files in vector format scaled to print, specific ink colors (or Pantone PMS numbers) and in-hands date of need.

Print This can provide garments for contract orders with a nominal markup if needed.

Average turnaround time is 3-5 business days once all garments, production art files and purchase orders have been received, confirmed and approved.

Proof of industry credentials, references and a valid re-sale certificate may be required.


To better navigate contract printing as a tool, here are the ground rules for working with Print This:

In order to keep our pricing at it’s absolute lowest, we must charge for every step of work required to complete your order. We make our money on time spent to handle these tasks, therefore, there is a cost for everything. We provide a price sheet that breaks down every cost that you will incur when working with us. The best way to calculate job profitability is to add set-up costs, screen fees, printing fees, and shipping fees, and divide that number by the total amount of units to get a true cost of decorating your items.

(Set-up Costs + Screen Fees + Printing Fees + Shipping Fees) / # Of Units = True Cost of Decorated Items

As a contract customer, you will be required to log into our system to send us a fully detailed purchase order. To send perfect purchase orders, you should thoroughly understand our requirements as your contract printer. We have very specific and critical information we need to process your order accurately, efficiently and at the lowest cost. We require detailed info such as garment style, color, qty, size breakdown, art size, placement, specific ink names or pms numbers, etc... and if you are not clear, we will reject the purchase order, and put the order on hold until you approve it OR we may have to charge a premium for the information deficiency. The more prepared you are saves us time and you money!

While you may have relaxed turnaround times, we are on a very rudimentary and rigid schedule. We are printing for several other shops as well as our own customers with strict, promised deadlines. You must understand that our turnaround times do not bend. Our average turn time is 3-5 business days once we have an approved purchase order, full art approval and garments in hand.

We reserve a spoilage rate, which means we are not liable for up to 2% of mistakes. Mistakes and misprints do happen, and if we had to replace every shirt we misprinted or wait for a new garment to come in stock, we would not survive. That means it is not a bad idea to pad your order 2–3% when sending goods to us. If the job comes out perfect, your "insurance" is a few bonus shirts for the customer. If you have a particular order with specific sizes that the customer requests, that spoilage could hurt you. The spoilage rate is arguably more important if you
have smaller runs. Prepare for this, and do not blame us as your contractor for a few misprints within the allotted spoilage amount.

We are going to print an order exactly as you send it to us. If your artwork is messy, has several hidden layers, or is not scaled correctly, this can delay your job. Our artists are merely taking your artwork, making sure it will look okay on a shirt, and sending you a proof of your artwork (if needed). We are not responsible for the creative side of things and are surely not responsible for poor artwork or errors such as spelling, content etc...